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The Weakness of Positive Thinking (Reverbnation Review)

The Weakness of Positive Thinking

  1. “The drum is inspiring and very appealing, the trumpet is hitting that base with excellence, very deep and meaningful, I think this could be very sensational… I have to say this is sousing my ears, the audience will defiantly like this artist and her masterpiece.”
  2. “the drums make this sound like a smooth jazz sounding song and I love it. the guitar and the bass help make this song sound smooth. I like the melody and the vocals a lot. the lyrics make a lot of sense and I can clearly understand the singer. this song gets a ten out of ten because its perfect and there is nothing wrong with it. I love it and I think other people will love it as well.”
  3. “I love the way this song started. I love the use of the horns and percussion. I love the way the voice comes in …  I love the lyrics and message. I love the harmonies and the presentation. I like this song a lot.”
  4. “This iconic and newly founded song has a nice tune to it that brings a nice hum to my ears. The song has captured the hearts  of many with it ‘s smooth melody. This crazy sounding mixture of tones has been creatively written by a brilliant artist who knows what they are doing.”

Lady Modlin

  1. “The melody is really mellow and the harmony is touching. The instrumentals are incredible and so impressive to me that i think this is a masterpiece of work. I think this song is so perfect in every way that nothing needs changed or improved on it. The vocals are great. This is my type of music.”
  2. “Healing and down climbing scales of chords are impressive in the introduction. The song kind of works it ‘s way up to pull you in one mind strand at a time. The vocalist is very much suitable for this song! He harmonizes extremely well the wonderfully played musical arrangement. The song flowers into a restoring mode and I am actually feeling very relaxed. Over all it is a really peaceful and lively song.”
  3. “The music invites into listen more of the song. I love the singer who sings with a warmness and effortless way. She is very good at making the song hers. I love the pianist and the drummer on this track because they seem to have natural sound together. I love the potential that this song can do pretty well on the radio…”
  4. “The intro to this song is very great, guitar and drum induced.The artist has a voice that is very unique and very peaceful. This song gives the meaning to a modern band. The song has a flow that keeps your toe tapping and gives you a sense of relief as it plays on.”

Video Queen

  1. “with rock and roll.The singers all sound very good together.They sound like a major band somewhere.They give the song a nice flavor of rascal flatts. The instruments in the background all are so good to the song in a whole. a great band to a great sng”
  2. “Very happy song which is always nice to hear. The harmonies between the different vocalists are great and obviously worked on. The lyrics are slightly on the odd and obscure side but this is good to see in this day and age. It has a good tempo which makes it memorable. The members clearly don’t take themselves too seriously. I really like the melody to this song! I want to be a video queen!”
  3. “The song has a lot of energy and strong rhythm. The melody verses are mostly on one note which is unusual but sounds quite interesting. When it finally goes into the melody proper at the chorus, it ‘s tuneful and appealing. In fact the verses and choruses make an excellent contrast. The lyrics are interesting too. It ‘s a distinctive and original song that could have good commercial potential.”
  4. “The song is really good. It ‘s funny and comedic. The lyrics are quite comical and I don’t know if I can stop laughing. I really like how they manage to stay on the same vocal note throughout the song…”

My Last Confession

“Rock legends take the stage and demand attention! Incredible energy flows out to my ears immediately. With stable chords, the allegro temp makes me want to dance the night away! It ‘s a youthful and fascinating song and I love it! The voice of this group brings me back to the 80’s music I grew up on.”

“This song has a nostalgic feel to it as it reminds you of an old Beetles song. The song would be great in a comedy movie or a family event. The song sounds like togetherness . The song has a rich guitar portion that takes you away..It is awesome.”

“The instrumentals are chosen wisely played with so much happiness. The melody is fast and makes me feel like getting up to dance. The harmony was fun and pleasing also. The vocals are loud and clear and full of life. The lyrics are very good and tell and describe the story of the song. So wonderful job.”

“The intro is cool it sounds like a beach theme. The beach boys would sights song. I like it because the artist has a cool voice also. It is a catchy song and I enjoy it a lot. This song is cool and the tunes are creative and innovative. Good song”

“The song has a strong and lively feel thanks to the consistent drive of the accompaniment. The vocal is clear and fits well with the mood of the song. The lyrics are meaningful with good punchy and memorable phrases. The various solos are well placed and well played. It ‘s a good song overall with good commercial prospects.”

“The vocals have a catchy sound to them. the lyrics have a honest tone to them. The melody of the song is lively and has a good vibe to it, not the kind of song i expect to hear a lot of on the radio, more of a song to be played at a live venue.”

“Uplifting song that is a pop song. The chorus singing is smooth sounding. I think that this song could also be considered a rock song too. There was a part where I’m pretty sure that I heard the trumpet playing. Just by adding that one instrument it gave the song some spice to it. Memorable song due to the lyrics and beat. Could easily be used in a commercial.”

“The bass beats of the drums starts the song off along with a male singer. The track has rhythms that pushes the song. I like the drummer that plays some great stuff. I also love the person on the electric guitar. His notes are sweet and they make the song better. He or she is areal talent as a musician. I would buy this song because I love the band behind the singer.”

“Usually songs that have no intro and songs that do not lead you into the singer do not come off good. But this did not go bad it actually sounded pretty clever and fresh. It has a American country feeling to it. The track is colorful and the mixture of instruments they chose worked good together. Love the drum and the guitar licks. Vocals are precise on pitch and the recording is professional. Great sounding song good job.”