I Want My Lover Back (RN reviews)

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I Want My Lover Back

by Girls Love Rockets




Reverbnation Reviews:

  1. “Wow, there is nothing to listen too which is any smoother then a cool saxophone player. This song starts off with two talented individuals playing the piano and sax, and that is cool. Now how do you make this track any cooler? Simple, you add great vocals, and all I have to do is listen to this vocalist and know that she is gifted. She has the voice that jazz singers used to have and she makes it a duet between her and the sax, and makes it work. Aww baby, great sounds.”
  2. “Upbeat tempos in the first bar. Inspiring motivation seeps out every word. The song is written andante and the music arrangement is healing throughout its entirety. The hook along with the vocals, Slips into a sympathetic warm melody. What an amazing song! I am really adoring this one!”
  3. “The mixture of piano and violin at the beginning are great. When the saxophone comes in it put a big smile on my face. The female vocalist is just great, such a powerful performance. The lyrics are wonderful and obviously very personal. The arrangement of this song is just fantastic and needs to be heard by more!”
  4. “This song stated with a heavy piano ballad which sounds very good. The saxophone gives it a very nice sounding jazz theme. Reggae definitely and the singer is so good. She complements the song as if its for her. Great song with a even greater singer.”
  5. “This song is very smooth. I love the blues feeling it gives off. The singer is awesome and has an amazing voice for this type of music. This is a very well put together jazz song. I love the feeling it gives off from the start of this masterpiece. The story of the song is well put together with the rest of the instruments.”
  6. “It has a strange sort of tune to it. It has a jazzy tune that goes well with it. Sounds like something from back than. The singer has a strong voice and shares a story with it. They sound very good and deserves to be noticed. This artist has lots of talent and sounds amazing.”
  7. “This singer has a unique sounding voice, and she puts a lot of soul and energy into her singing performance. The song was really an incredible work…”
  8. “This song begins in a very jazzy way. The horns are played in a very wonderful way. the artist comes into the song in a very soulful way. Her voice is very is so very soulful and full of blues, The singer could have performed in an old juke joint from the past. This song is a great blast from the past.”
  9. “The track has a strong set of piano playing. The sounds of the instrumental are very bold. I love the vibrant sound of the saxophone as it adds a very emotional jazz tone to the track. The vocals are performed by a female artist with a very soulful tone in her voice. This artist pitches some amazing high notes. The passion and heartfelt lyrics that she sings are sure to grab listener’s attention. This track is in great sound.”
  10. “Her vocals are really good and strong. The music accompanies her vocals rather nicely. Its a win win. I really like this particular artist. The brass is loud and boisterous, which is a good thing. I like the additions of the piano and bass that really seem to set it off the chart!”
  11. “The saxophone in the start sound very pleasing to listen to. It starts off so cool and hip sounding. I like how the background music has a very blues and jazzy kind of feel to it. The vocals sound very R&B to me. Both these distinct elements married perfectly in the song. There is also a very theatrical element to this song and the changes in tempos and beats are very interesting. The singer has very good wind pipes.”
  12. “I like the introduction. It is soft and gives off a jazz vibe. This song would be beautiful at a wedding. I enjoy the acoustics a lot and the jazz player. The singers voice is high-pitched an amazing. Her voice is outstanding. The tones of the song is the best thing about the song. Great song and beautiful lyrics with a good meaning.”