Lady Modlin (RN reviews)


Lady Modlin

by Girls Love Rockets (StoneAge Thriller)



Reverbnation Reviews:

  1. “The melody is really mellow and the harmony is touching. The instrumentals are incredible and so impressive to me that I think this is a masterpiece of work. I think this song is so perfect in every way that nothing needs changed or improved on it. The vocals are great. This is my type of music.”
  2. “This creative and highly intelligent piece of music has elaborated from your typical outback county music, which is a nice change. This brilliant and obscure track has a creatively pieced together back track which consists of guitars, drums and piano’s, which is a weird mix, but works…”
  3. “The intro to this song is very great, guitar and drum induced. The artist has a voice that is very unique and very peaceful. This song gives the meaning to a modern band. The song has a flow that keeps your toe tapping and gives you a sense of relief as it plays on.”
  4. “The beginning reminds me of a soft winter day which I love. The song is unique especially the tunes.  The artist sings very nicely with a group which is very interesting and cool. This is a cool and interesting song. I like the song. Cool song.”
  5. “Smooth and great acoustic, or guitar rather, this sounds rather lovely and I think it really sets the mood. The prolonged yelling is a nice touch to this song and really makes it tempting to hum along with. The vocals too this are great and I really love the buildup.”
  6. “Healing and down climbing scales of chords are impressive in the introduction. The song kind of works it’s way up to pull you in one mind strand at a time. The vocalist is very much suitable for this song! He harmonizes extremely well the wonderfully played musical arrangement. The song flowers into a restoring mode and I am actually feeling very relaxed. Over all it is a really peaceful and lively song.”
  7. “The base is hitting the notes pretty well, This song sounds pretty imaginable and very consistent, The singer is hitting the drum with excellency, I think this could be recognized around the world, this is memorable…
  8. “The music invites into listen more of the song. I love the singer who sings with a warmness and effortless way. He is very good at making the song his own. I love the pianist and the drummer on this track because they seem to have natural sound together. I love the potential that this song can do pretty well on the radio…”