Video Queen







Reverbnation Reviews:

  1. “Very happy song which is always nice to hear. The harmonies between the different vocalists are great and obviously worked on. The lyrics are slightly on the odd and obscure side but this is good to see in this day and age. It has a good tempo which makes it memorable. The members clearly don’t take themselves too seriously. I really like the melody to this song! I want to be a Video Queen!”
  2. “The song is really good. It’s funny and comedic. The lyrics are quite comical and I don’t know if I can stop laughing. I really like how they manage to stay on the same vocal note throughout the song…”
  3. “With rock and roll. The singers all sound very good together. They sound like a major band somewhere. They give the song a nice flavor of Rascal Flatts. The instruments in the background all are so good to the song in a whole. A great band to a great song”
  4. “The song has a lot of energy and strong rhythm. The melody verses are mostly on one note which is unusual but sounds quite interesting. When it finally goes into the melody proper at the chorus, it’s tuneful and appealing. In fact the verses and choruses make an excellent contrast. The lyrics are interesting too. It ‘s a distinctive and original song that could have good commercial potential.”
  5. “This song has a very nice instrumental with the drums and guitars. The song has a comical sense to it. The artist expresses that someone is a Video Queen and explains that he witnesses someone on the screen in a video. The artist has a very odd voice as he explains his theory. Odd song, but worth a listen.”
  6. “Pop rock with some rather pronounced resemblances to the Barenaked ladies rolls out with some outrageous lyrical observations about a ‘video queen’. The song sounds a bit like an old MTV fun song with musings on tv celebrity that Weird Al might make…”