The Weakness of Positive Thinking (RN reviews)


The Weakness of Positive Thinking

by Girls Love Rockets (StoneAge Thriller)




Reverbnation Reviews:

  1. “This iconic and newly founded song has a nice tune to it that brings a nice hum to my ears. The song has captured the hearts of many with its smooth melody. This crazy sounding mixture of tones has been creatively written by a brilliant artist who knows what they are doing.”

  2. “The drums make this sound like a smooth jazz sounding song and I love it.  The guitar and the bass help make this song sound smooth. I like the melody and the vocals a lot. The lyrics make a lot of sense and I can clearly understand the singer. This song gets a ten out of ten because its perfect and there is nothing wrong with it. I love it and I think other people will love it as well.”

  3. “I love the way this song started. I love the use of the horns and percussion. I love the way the voice comes in… I love the lyrics and message. I love the harmonies and the presentation. I like this song a lot.”

  4. “Introduction – this is beautiful and slick right from the opening of the song. It has a jazz feeling that is very easy on the ears. Instrumentals – very rich with feeling, It takes me on a beautiful ride up and down, left and right. Vocals – the vocals that follow are very pleasant. I can listen to him more on other tracks.”

  5. “Laid back and cool beginning eases your mind and pits your thoughts in a good place. The vocalist had a vibrant beach boy type of voice. This is a good sounding California Vibe song. The lyrics are crisp original and the overdubs were done nicely. The effects were used correctly and the band was very talented. Love the horn player and love the chords to the song. They have a good connection and a great sound. Definitely pleasant to the ears.”

  6. “The instrumentals were so gorgeously played and sounded so beautiful. The melody was slow and considerate feeling. The harmony was delectable. The vocals are fascinating. The lyrics are charming and desirable. This song made me feel a lot of emotion and I connected  to this song because a lot of it was the music.”

  7. “The drum is inspiring and very appealing, the trumpet is hitting that base with excellence, very deep and meaningful, I think this could be very sensational…  I have to say this is sousing my ears, the audience will definitely like this artist and her masterpiece.”

  8. “The drums are being played with the double bass! Love it. The double bass is an instruments that is rarely heard but adds depth to songs. Then the flute joined into the mix. When the singer began to sing, the violin played behind him. Musically this song is wonderful and tune full…”