StoneAge Thriller


Packed with lush productions and truly epic songs, this CD is a rollercoaster of brilliant hooks, stunning melodies, and complex, intelligent arrangements.  An uncompromising master work that was years in the making.

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Released 2014
Recorded at Adamek Studios, Seattle WA
Produced by Steve Adamek and Anthony Ciarochi
Mastered by Gary Shelton


  1. Video Queen
  2.       02-The-Weakness-of-Positive-Thinking-StoneAge-ThrillerGS
  3.       03-Crush-You-StoneAge-ThrillerGS1
  4.       04-Lady-Modlin-StoneAge-ThrillerGS
  5. I Want My Lover Back (orig)
  6. Marion Weed
  7. Why Don’t You Love Me
  8. Never Let A Day Go By
  9. All She Ever Does


  • Vocals: Anthony Ciarochi and Laurie Johnson
  • Background Vocals:  Anthony Ciarochi, Laurie Johnson, Stevie Adamek
  • Guitars:  Ivan Pla, Gene Barkin, Stevie Adamek, Anthony Ciarochi
  • Bass: Stevie Adamek, Anthony Ciarochi
  • Keyboards: Anthony Ciarochi
  • Horns:  Steve Sarandos, Sheryl Clark
  • Drums: Stevie Adamek, Anthony Ciarochi